About Us

Welcome to Grandma SN’s Age Appropriate Lists for Internet Surfers

The Saafenet Corporation has decided to launch a web site that will be absolutely free to visitors, whom we hope will help Grandma SN to develop a list of quality versus questionable website’s. This page is about us and describes both the origin of the company, and our future plans for this site.   The Saafenet Corporation is a trilogy of websites offering business documentation preparation services, business start-up and survival advice and help and a comprehensive business listing. As well as business registration and licensing preparation services. This website is dedicated to the involvement of the friends and families of our visitors to all our websites.

The name of this website is “Grandma SN’s Age Appropriate Lists”. It is the relaxation website for both our Business Colleagues and everyone interested in proper use of the Internet. We offer tips on Internet safety as well as suggestions for places you may want to visit on line, and those you may want to avoid. This website does not include specific information on use of the Internet. A good place to find information on basic use of the Internet would be YouTube. Click here for a video on basic use of the Internet. Click here for a video on use of the Internet by senior citizens. You’ll get the greatest use of this website if you understand basic use of your computer and/or the Internet.

All websites shown on this website have been selected by a panel of volunteers. No website will be listed in any of Grandma SN’s list unless 75 volunteers either approve or disapprove its suitability.

Final Note

Adults and seniors would of course be able to decide for themselves which websites are appropriate for them, but need to know about websites they may want to block through the use of their browsers, or even consider acquiring content control software for, to prevent the possibility inappropriate websites are being viewed at their homes, by inappropriate viewers. Grandma SN has provided hyperlinks to the websites she feels are worth visiting, but doesn’t want kids to know how to get to websites you and she feel may be negative.

This website is completely commercial free, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The Saafenet Corporation will continue to pay for its operation as long as we spread the word so it is widely used by the general public. So please tell your friends to join us. There is nothing here to buy, but there’s a lot of free Information available for everyone. If you are interested in viewing other Saafenet websites, you’ll find free information there as well. The primary difference being the other websites are dedicated to educating users on the benefits of starting their own businesses. Additionally, there will be services and products available to help them reach those goals. Other Saafenet websites may be reached by clicking these links www.saafenet.com, www.bizbling.com and www.bizdoks.com.